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Neighbor filling out a ballot during book sale for the photo contest.


First place winner, mountain range *FIRST PLACE WINNER BY KELLY JOHNSON

Second place winner, two owls side by side*SECOND PLACE WINNER BY JODI BARRINGTON

Third place winner, a kitten reaching up to touch a dog's nose*THIRD PLACE WINNER BY SUSAN MANZKE

GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT, 2023, by the numbers! 

34 entries

13 photographers

70 ballots cast during the annual book sale

All 34 pictures received votes

Congratulations to the winners!

FIRST PLACE Kelly Johnson for a mountain range picture.

SECOND PLACE Jodi Barrington for two owls. A patron commented on their ballot,”Cute, fuzzy, grumpy  li’l guys”.

THIRD PLACE Susan Manzke for kitten reaching up to dog’s nose. A patron commented on their ballot, “Kitten boops doggy nose and makes me feel happy.”

Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm! We have wonderful talent in our library community!

Another patron wrote on their ballot: “HARD TO PICK---BUT THEY ARE ALL WINNERS.” Loved that! Very true!


Thank you to all of the entries for GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT, 2023!

Ashley Tank Clydesdales #2

Ashley Tank Pier with matching boats #1

Ashley Tank Pink skies #16

Cherry Buttles striped cat yawning  #4

Cherry Buttles little boy smiling #5

Cherry Buttles red amaryllis #3

Destine Biles fluffy bird #6

Destine Biles fall highway #7

Destine Biles Pink & yellow skies with houses in forefront  #8

Jodi Barrington butterfly on plant #18

Jodi Barrington geese in formation #17

Jodi Barrington two owl buddies #19 SECOND PLACE

John Mahlik dome in Madison #24

John Mahlik fawn by tree #25

John Mahlik moon by evergreen #26

Jennifer Galliford expansive beach #23

Jennifer Galliford popping sunflower #22

Joanie Wickesberg Eagle #10

Joanie Wickesberg Oriole #9

Joanie Wickesberg Woodpecker #11

Kathy James hand upon hand upon hand #27

Kathy James sunset young couple #28

Kelly Johnson mountain range #12  FIRST PLACE

Levi LaCrosse American flag in parade #20

Levi LaCrosse Hamburger Charlie on ground from tornado #21

Lori Froelich high patterned clouds #30

Lori Froelich fall leaf #34

Lori Froelich lilac colored flower #32

Stacy Wolter dragonfly #33

Stacy Wolter tiny delicate flowers #31

Stacy Wolter trees over the water #29

Susan Manzke curious dog #15

Susan Manzke farm sunset #13

Susan Manzke kitten touching dog’s nose #14 THIRD PLACE


Holiday bulb sale is underway for FMPL

FMPL (Friends of the Muehl Public Library) is proud to utilize Flower Power fundraising, which is based in Wisconsin, to sell holiday bulbs. What is the timeline? Holiday Bulb Shipping Schedule: We will begin shipping holiday orders mid-November, in the order they are received. All orders placed by December 1st, will arrive in time for gift giving for the holiday season. You can browse and order here. Thank you for your support! It is very special to have flowers inside during the harsh, winter weeks!

All together now, more positivity!

While at the library or out and about in our lively community, I am still gathering positive messages. I am also learning how to make videos on my phone!

Please enjoy this one!

You Tube Video: 

All together now, fun messages on tees!

Patrons have been wearing some wonderful t-shirts this summer and I have been capturing the good words. They are perfect for ALL TOGETHER NOW. Enjoy! 

You Tube Video: 

5 books on Channel 5 Local Live!

I welcomed the opportunity to book talk (one of my favorite things) on Channel 5 Local Live today! (August 1, 2023) What a fabulous way to welcome a fresh month! 

I am so proud that WFRV does this segment on a regular basis to promote LITERACY. It is huge! I am honored to have been a part of it! @local5live


For the annotations I PREPARED and which promptly went out the window in the studio, haha, stop here

Library pets podcast out of Ontario highlights our guinea pigs!

Our library was featured on this podcast in June of 2023. Stop here to enjoy great content about our library amidst Elizabeth's giggles!

Welcome back Carlos!!! FIFTH visit to our library will be Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. All welcome!

This collage shows when Carlos visited our library and shared his immense talents with us on October 1, 2016; May 15, 2017; May 29, 2018; and June 13, 2022! Do you want to learn how to draw anime? Anime Your Way is a step by step program that teaches you how to create and modify an anime character. All participants are successful! This program is free and the materials are provided. We sure hope to see you as part of our reading program, ALL TOGETHER NOW!

Also, this video showcases another artistic endeavor of Carlos. It is fun to listen to his philosophy!

You Tube Video: 

Staff member Colette Bezio developed her very own "Choose Your Own Adventure" story!

For literacy evening up at Rock Ledge in March, Colette created a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE story for families to take home and play.

It has in excess of 42 different endings! Here it is if you would like your very own copy.


Seymour Woman's Club Scholarship winners for 2023, congratulations!

One of my other hats is as secretary of the Seymour Woman's Club. Congratulations to our college scholarship winners for 2023!

For the 54th year, the Seymour Woman’s Club is proud to award scholarships to Seymour Community High School seniors. The 2023 winners are:  Emily Brinkman, daughter of Lynn and Bruce Brinkman; Olivia Herb, daughter of Jennifer Henry; Carleigh Leisgang, daughter of Vicki and Paul Leisgang; and McKenna Mueller, daughter of Amy and Tom Mueller.  Each winner will receive a $1000 scholarship after the completion of an academic semester.  All seniors at SCHS were eligible for consideration.


Emily Brinkman plans to attend UW-Platteville to study chemistry and forensic investigation. She was a member of the track and field, cross country, and dance teams.  She was active in Student Senate, SALSA, and band, serving as drum major.

Olivia Herb will attend UW-Stevens Point majoring in chemistry and minoring in environmental science. She was a member of the track and field team and the swim team, serving as captain.  She was also active in FBLA and S-Club, serving as President.

Carleigh Leisgang has been accepted in the UW-Green Bay Nurse Scholar program.  She was a member of the dance team and S-Club.  She also had lab experience at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

McKenna Mueller has been granted direct admission to the Masters of Occupational Therapy program at Carroll University. She was on the soccer team, serving as captain for three years. She was active in SALSA, Students Taking Action Now, and the Seymour High School Leadership Committee.

***The pictures are in the order of the information presented. Thank you and congratulations!

Submitted by Kris Peters, Seymour Woman’s Club Scholarship Committee

November 2023 BookPage is here!

The November, 2023 BookPage is available at your library for free. Thanks to Friends of the Muehl Public Library (FMPL) for purchasing this for our patrons every month. It is a tremendous resource!

Nationwide database, findhelp.org

Thank you Lamont Kraft!

Thanks to Lamont Kraft who gifted the library with a bird poster. Lamont is a talented photographer. All the birds on the poster are photographs that he has taken. At our library, we love to showcase the talents of our patrons, neighbors, and community members. Thank you, Lamont for the opportunity and your generosity!

2023 PDDC Plant Disease Talks on Zoom with Brian Hudelson, UW-Madison Plant Pathology

Each month in 2023, the University of Wisconsin Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic will sponsor a Zoom presentation on a plant disease-related topic. Check out descriptions and a preview of the talks below. If you have questions about the presentations, feel free to contact Brian Hudelson at (608)262-2863 or hudelson@wisc.edu. To register for one or more talks, visit https://pddc.wisc.edu/. Check at the bottom of the page for a link to the registration form.


Manhattan Shorts Film Festival, 2023, Seymour chooses same winning actor as the one chosen internationally!

October 9, 2023 Winning actor posted (26th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival)

Aleks won at our library, too, with a total of 49 votes. Congratulations!


The votes submitted from our library, see below.


Muehl Public Library picked the STUPID BOY tied with YELLOW as number four. It was really hard to vote this year. The serious films were very meaningful and powerful.
We chose VOICE ACTIVATED as number one, FAMILY CIRCUS as number two, and CAREER DAY as number three. We were in the mood for comedies this year it seems!

The Wisconsin Humanities care about the humanities programming that our library does!

Coming out of COVID, our library applied for a $5000 grant from the Wisconsin Humanities in mid-October of 2021. We asked for the funding to keep our library fully staffed during this year, 2022. In mid-November of 2021 we received the news that the grant was approved. This was and is such a gift. It shows that the Wisconsin Humanities recognizes the important learning opportunities that libraries provide. All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wisconsin Humanities are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Congratulations!

Wisconsin Humanities strengthens our democracy through educational and cultural programs that build connections and understanding among people of all backgrounds and beliefs throughout the state. This year's Muehl Public library budget was funded in part by a grant from Wisconsin Humanities, with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this project (Muehl Public Library services, 2022) do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Learn more @

Toy sleepover, 2023 is a wrap!

August 25 through August 28, 2023, the 7th toy sleepover was held at the Muehl Public Library!  Please enjoy the slideshow!


Thank you Seymour Firefighters!

Thank you so much to the Seymour Firefighters who annually give substantial financial support to the summer reading program at the Muehl Public Library. The 2022 reading theme is OCEANS OF POSSIBILITIES.

In this photo, Brian Treml is presenting Elizabeth (library director) with this summer’s check but distancing because Elizabeth has Covid.

To the right of Elizabeth is Tammy Nachtwey, instructor for the Community Family Resource Center. Tammy and Elizabeth led PACE (Parent and Children Enrichment) summer sessions at the library. It was a wonderful collaboration!

To the far right is Kristen Diermeier. She is an educator and serves on the Library Board of Trustees. She is with her therapy dog Luna. Kristen has been doing pop-up visits at the library this summer during which she introduces Luna to patrons. This has also been a very successful and satisfying venture for the library and its patrons.

So the gift from the firefighters keeps giving and giving as we work on strengthening our community! We love building alliances with fellow educators who are committed to excellence in Seymour.

*Thanks to Cindy Borgen for taking the picture.

Thank you in summer, 2023 for reading theme of ALL TOGETHER NOW. No Covid this time! Brian is giving the check to Elizabeth in the picture book area after a story time. The generous donation goes to book prizes for all the summer reading participants. Look at the wealth of choices that we are able to offer! Big thanks to the Firefighters for making a difference in our community!

The East Asia in Wisconsin Library grant project

Muehl Public Library (Seymour, WI) is a participant in the East Asia in Wisconsin Library grant project, administered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for East Asian Studies. Here are some of the materials we purchased and the book plate that Colette Bezio designed to put in them! You can learn more @: https://eastasia.wisc.edu/2021/12/02/winners-of-the-2021-east-asia-in-wisconsin-library-program-awards/  We are honored to have this opportunity!

Review of September book group title!

We were going to have this title for September, 2020 and then we were going to have this title for September, 2021. Here is a review because we are moving onto new titles beginning September, 2022.

You Tube Video: 

Read Engage Advise Discuss for January 8, 2022: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

You Tube Video: 

Read Engage Advise Discuss for December 11, 2021: The Frog At The Window by Scott J. Langteau

You Tube Video: 

Read Engage Advise Discuss for October 9, 2021: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

You Tube Video: 

Interactions with Fable and Rolo during curbside service!

Huge thanks go to the creative talents of Colette Bezio and Cindy Borgen!


Rolo and Fable thank you for your letters during quarantine.  Now that our doors are open again, please visit them in person instead of writing!


About our neighbors to the east! A positive during COVID!

You Tube Video: 

Virtual stories with Elizabeth & Sue, 2021 and 2020!

Enjoy our antics!!! Maybe you will act out a story or two this summer! Thank you to cameraman Mark Naze who expertly filmed both videos.

Piggie & Elephant with Elizabeth and Sue

You Tube Video: 

ADRC Connection newsletter posted (placeholder)

We will post the current issue of the ADRC Connection newsletter to this story when it is published.