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Mr. Oliver Lerum, also known as "Osborn Ollie"


Mr. Lerum is a local author.

A favorite place to read: 


My top six books: 

1)    The Osborn Almanac. A brief history of the town of Osborn, Outagamie County plus short stories with more information than you want to know. (available at the library)

By me

2)    Dog Tracks in my Life.Short stories about growing up during the Great Depression of the 1930’s in a small town of Nelson in western Wisconsin. (available at the library)

By me

3)    Carl and Ida Sandberg. Includes obituaries of Carl, Ida and their fifteen children, with a brief summary by grandson, Ollie. (This is a limited publication.)

By me

4)    Teaching the Salt of the Earth (In the Lion’s Den). Short stories contributed by a number of people who taught high school vocational agriculture in a number of different high schools. (This is a limited publication.)

By me