Turn the Page with...

Mr. Pete Kempen


Mr. Kempen is the principal at the Rock Ledge Intermediate Center. He also was featured on "Wheel of Fortune" in October, 2011!

How I fit my reading time in: 

I like to read when I go camping.  I will read in my easy chair at night, and also I like to read outside in the sunshine in a lawn chair.

A favorite place to read: 

I enjoy reading in my living room in my chair, or outside in my lawn chair.  I like being comfortable when I read.

One of my favorite books from childhood and why?: 



I enjoyed Dr. Suess when I was a child.  I liked the made up words and the rhymes.  Green eggs and ham was probably my favorite.

My top six books: 

Fighting Back:  The Rocky Bleier story, by Rocky Bleier.  I went to the same high school as Rocky (Appleton Xavier), and enjoyed learning about how he came back from an injury to accomplish his dreams.

1984 by George Orwell.  I read this in high school and is one of the only science fiction books that I really enjoyed.

Alive; the story of the Andes survivors by Piers Paul Reed.  It is a story of a soccer team whose plane crashes in the Andes Mountains and they had to survive for many days.  Amazing true story.

Home Field Advantage by Ken Ruettgers.  I am a huge Packers fan, and the author was a tackle for the Packers in the 80s.  This book is about being the best parent and father you can be to your children.  I have read it multiple times, and always get fresh ideas from it.

I have to have at least one book about education or philosophy.  Fish! by Stephen Lundin, would be my first choice.  This is how I try to live and lead my life, with the same type of energy and enthusiasm used by the workers of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. 

My last choice would be 100 years, 100 stories by George Burns.  This is a light-hearted quick read by the actor who lived in an era when television was king.  Wonderful little quips about the stars of a generation ago.  Very funny!

Additional comments: 

I hope you enjoyed my selections.  Whether you like similar books or choose some of your own, make sure that you continue to read and enjoy your learning!