Get Involved

Join the excitement as Muehl Public Library prepares to
“Celebrate Lifelong Learning…. The next Chapter begins in 2019”

Muehl Public Library is proud to announce that we will be expanding our facilities. Our current facility was built in 1994.  The visionaries predicted that more space would be needed in the future.  The library is intended to be a multigenerational community learning center and our new space will be able to meet the needs of all ages. 

For example, the space will house study rooms for small meetings, sound recording or test taking space.  There will be a very large multifunctional project area for things such as: crafting, robotics, legos, coding, coloring, knitting, building,  or working on puzzles,. The list is endless.  This area is called a Makerspace.  The Makerspace area is a place for people to be creative problem solvers and inventors with many of their ideas having been inspired by literature they have read. The new addition will enhance our city by offering a common place for people to gather, create and of course, read! 

Want to join the excitement?  You ask how can you get involved?

First, learn more about Makerspaces. The following links share some cool information on how important a Makerspace is to our community:

Click here to download a copy of our form of how to donate.

The following Donators are excited where our imaginations will soar with this additional NEW space.  Come join the fun and be a donator!

We are so proud of our donors!  Thank you to all those that have already donated!

Authors: $50,000 Plus

Publishers: $25,000 to $49,999

Editors: $1000 to $24,999

  • Paul Gregg
  • Jean Severson
  • Seth & Carolyn Reuter
  • Friends of the Muehl Public Library/Mary Ellen Dahlke
  • Tom & Ann Duffey
  • Cellcom/NSight Teleservices
  • CoBank's Sharing Success Program--partnering with customers to build vibrant rural communities
  • Seymour Firefighters, Inc (Volunteer Strife Co. #1)
  • Seymour Education Association
  • Bernie Dahlin/Nichols Paper
  • American Legion Krause-Kraft Post 106

Copywriters: $50 to $999

  • Ann-Marie Karweick (X2)
  • Bobbie Buchholtz (X2)
  • Bobbie Buchholtz (in memory of Bill Zahn)
  • Bobbie Buchholtz (PayPal donation, 1st!)
  • Karen & Merlin Kneisler
  • Lynn Cartier
  • Sandy & Barry Kailhofer (X2)
  • Darlene VanCamp
  • City of Seymour
  • Community Family Resource Center (CFRC)
  • Chris & LuAnn Naze
  • Lori Thiel
  • Cherry Buttles
  • Laura Shepard
  • Wade & Beth Wielgus
  • Sue & Dan Hafeman
  • Donna M. Lynn Howe
  • Adam Carey
  • Vivian Treml
  • Vivian Treml in memory of Jim Braun
  • Rose Doersch (in memory of)
  • Janel Angi
  • Mary Herb, in honor of the Herb grandchildren
  • Don & Donna Otto
  • Clarence Smet (in memory of)
  • Gregory J Ziegler (X2)
  • Mary DeBruin
  • Marlene Wiedemann
  • Steve & Darla Dorosz
  • Elizabeth Moeller
  • Coonen family
  • Ione Munger