Mulling It Over At The Muehl Public Library

I (Elizabeth) write a weekly column for the local paper, the Seymour Times Press. Each week I am also going to post the content here. In the picture, I am taking notes for my next article!

Published on July 18, 2019.

We have a service at the library that sometimes WE even forget about (!)  because we are called upon for it so seldomly. Last week, we helped out a student and I thought this would make a good topic for the library column. We have the ability to proctor people who are taking exams. This means that either the student has to take an online test or a paper test and must be monitored while taking it.  We are glad to be able to offer this service because in our remote area students are taking online courses and not generally physically going to the campus that they are working through.

     How do I (Elizabeth) qualify as a proctor? I have a Masters Degree in Education Leadership and the ability to teach college level classes myself. In fact, little known fact, I was an adjunct professor for Marian College for about four years in the late 90s. I am a huge supporter of higher learning and patrons getting degrees to improve their quality of life. It is my pleasure to visit with the students and see how they are following their dreams. I like speaking with the professors, too, to see how higher education is going out there!

     If you hear someone dropping the word “proctor” in conversation, be sure and let them know that our library can assist. Thank you!!