Curbside Delivery beginning on April 27, 2020

Thank you to library fans for your anticipation!

Curbside delivery service began on April 27, 2020. It continues during our summer hours.

10 to 8 Mon through Thurs; 10 to 5 Fri

Thank you for loving the library. We love you!

Please understand there is no entry to the building at this time. Please be patient. Your service will be SLOWER than you are accustomed to. And you may not get exactly what you asked for. We can only offer you what we have on our premises. The slowdown is because we have to converse at length with you and you cannot just come in and browse and check out via self-service. We will be working two queues, phone and email, and requests could possibly overlap, just so you know! We will do our best.

Book bundles available. Contact us with a topic and we will gather a bundle for you.

Example: Books about dinosaurs for a 5 year old. Example: Please gather cozy mysteries. Example: Star Wars DVDs.


Call 833.2725 or email

If you can, look up in Infosoup, narrow down to Seymour and see if a particular item is available. Tell us that is what you would like to have.

*Have your library card number ready to give us!

Choose an hour time frame to pick up. Examples:  Between 10 and 11 or between 5 and 6.                 *Tell us the hour you will be stopping by.

Your materials will already be checked out to you with the receipt and in a brown paper bag ready for you.

When you get to the library you will come to the door and ring the door bell. If there are people ahead of you pick the next available X on the sidewalk and stand on it. SIX FOOT DISTANCING.

When you get up to the door and ring the bell a librarian will come with a mask and gloves on and get your bag for you. We all want to be safe. Do you need a mask? Let us know, we have some extras and can provide you with one!