Kevin Kaufman


Kevin KaufmanKevin Kaufman is the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Seymour, WI for 2009.

How I fit my reading time in: 

I always have something along to read and make sure I take time whenever I can. My goal is an hour a day.

A favorite place to read: 

Wherever there's a book, magazine or paper!

One of my favorite books from childhood and why?: 

Little Golden Books--Disney's Mickey Mouse. Mickey was every classic story hero-- Jack in the Beanstalk; The Prince and the Pauper. This helped create my need to read! My mom kept the books and we read them to our son.

My top six books: 

cannery rowCannery Row
by John Steinbeck

Read in high school but had my interest renewed on a trip to Monterey. The characters came to life after visiting places described.  The only thing missing was the smell described in the book.

season of lifeSeason of Life
by Jeffrey Marx

This book was a gift from a friend who coaches football.  This is a story of a former NFL player who goes on to coach high school players.  He teaches them to become men by teaching them to love each other and deal with tragedy.

the punchThe Punch
John Feinstein

Sports writer Feinstein wrote great books, 'A Good Walk Spoiled' and 'The Last Amatuers'. Feinstein breaks down one of basketball's most violent moments when a punch from one player almost kills another.  He details the lives of both players leading up to the punch and how it affected them.

Classic Kissel AutomobileThe Classic Kissel Automobile
Val V. Quandt

One of Wisconsin's forgotten industries.  A fascinating look at the early years when cars were built by hand.  The cars were built in Hartford, WI and driven by people like Amelia Earhart and actress Clara Bow.

The Fox HeritageThe Fox Heritage
Ellen Kort

Written by former Appleton resident and State Poet Laureate.  This book gives great detail of our region's origins and the importance of the Fox River.  Lots of fantastic pictures and facts.

This is MilwaukeeThis is Milwaukee
Robert W. Wells

A good-natured look at the origins of Wisconsin's largest city.  Historic locations are described with reference to what (& where) they are today.

Additional comments: 

I have one more to add!!

Abraham Lincoln biography7--Abraham Lincoln, by Benjamin Thomas

A great book about a great man. Well-researched and full of detail.  Lincoln lived his life as we all should, with dedication, compassion and determination. The most incredible feeling I've ever experienced was standing in the box in Ford Theater where Lincoln spent his last moments as President.

Just a quick note on authors I enjoy for a "quick read" to get away from things. They include Clive Cussler, W.E.B. Griffin, Sue Grafton, Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton.

Thanks for letting me share!