FMPL (Friends of the Muehl Public Library) meeting

Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm


THURSDAY, June 21, 2018 6:30 p.m., Muehl Public Library meeting space

Happy official summer!


Rock and Read (SRP) 6.18 through 8.24

July 14 (Sat) FMPL Thank You picnic/potluck , 2 p.m. to ?

Oct 14 (Sun) Official fundraiser for the addition

Nov 3 (Sat) 16th annual FMPL Wine Event fundraiser, “SWEET 16”


1. Call to Order & Reminder of Ground Rules:

                                         A) Please raise hand to speak. B) Please speak to the topic at hand.


2.  Additions or Changes to this agenda 


3.  Summary of Minutes of May 17, 2018 [any corrections?]


4.  Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Deanna DeBruin

            (*State of WI non-stock corporation annual report due 3.31 *By May 15, Form 990-N *State of WI raffle license—expires roundabout July 1; to be renewed by early August)


5. Committee, Activity and Events Reports

             Chocolate Bars        


             Birthday Club


6. Old Business @ your library

             1. Photo Exhibit wrap up and thank you J

             2. ROCK AND READ—how you can help!

             3. Printer implementation status-so cool, thanks! Better customer service.

             4. Laminator implementation status-so cool, thanks! Better customer service.


7. New business @ your library

             1. Next READ poster

             2. GREAT AMERICAN READ—what to know and how to get involved

             3. Support…can you follow our FB page and/or invite your friends to?

             4. Brief update from ET on Inclusivity Institute


8. Wish list

Book prizes


9.  Inspiration  “Petting Zoo” for musical instruments


10. Adjournment

*No July meeting. Enjoy the summer month off. Next meeting will be 8.16.18. Thanks! J