FMPL (Friends of the Muehl Public Library) meeting

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

THURSDAY, November 16, 2017 6:30 7:30 p.m.
Muehl Public Library meeting space
 Book Sale November 17 and 18
December Adult Book Group, December 9,Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
Holiday Raffle , December 4-22

1. Call to Order & Reminder of Ground Rules:
                                         A) Please raise hand to speak. B) Please speak to the topic at hand.
2.  Additions or Changes to this agenda
3.  Summary of Minutes of October 26, 2017 [any corrections?]

4.  Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Deanna DeBruin
    (*State of WI non-stock corporation annual report due 3.31 *By May 15, Form 990-N *State of WI raffle license—expires roundabout July 1; to be renewed by early August)

5. Committee, Activity and Events Reports
             Chocolate Bars
             Membership (hoorah! A lifetime me
             Birthday Club

6. Old Business @ your library
             1. Memory Tree at museum
             2. Music order, sampler !
             3. Book sale preparations
             4. Holiday Book Raffle, (ET & DD morn of Dec 1)
             5. Status of OWLS directorship

7. New business @ your library
             1. All WINE & BEER TASTING EVENT Results
             2. Change in FMPL leadership?
             3. Plans for 2018 to include but not limited to:
                 Beading workshops, summer performers, Carlos Nieto III (set) , possible field trip (requested), St. Patrick’s Day musician (set)
             4. Makerspace capital campaign!
 8. Wish list
            4th Quarter Playaways
9.  Inspiration  
Beautiful quote dropped off at library by Marcia Spaulding
10. Adjournment
       Next meeting, Happy New Year! Next meeting is January 18, 2018