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Deadline to register is March 3

Are you unemployed and looking for new skills OR not making ends meet and looking for a better job? gener8tor, Microsoft, New North, Steve Stricker American Family Insurance and Thrivent have partnered to bring you Upskilling! A FREE program for NE WI residents looking to gain a valuable new skill set in IT Administration and get connected to companies hiring in this role (both locally + with national companies that are fully virtual). The deadline to apply for this program is March 3 - anyone is welcome to apply! 


Visit https://www.gener8torupskilling.com/northeast-wisconsin for more information + to apply!

The ins and outs of library services/curbside delivery during COVID

***This photo shows a typical day at the library whereby orders are set up on the bench, in the foyer,  awaiting pickups. How lucky are we that our space is condusive to this!

Curbside Delivery

Winter hours when staff is working in the building:

10 to 8 Mon through Thurs;

10 to 6 Fri; 10 to 2 Sat

You are back in school and your library is here to help. We have been offering curbside service since April 27, 2020 so now we have a very good system going! Practice makes things improve.


If you are an Infosoup patron, browse online and put items on hold.

If you do not use Infosoup, contact us and let us know what we can gather for you and/or place on hold for you.

Call (920)833-2725 or email muehlpublic@gmail.com

Have your library card number ready to give us!

Tell us a day and approximate time you will be stopping by to pick up your order.

Your materials will already be checked out to you with your receipt.

When you get to the library you will come to the door and ring the door bell. A masked librarian will greet you and find your bag for you.

 If you need a library card…go to Infosoup.org and click Online Registration at the top. The library will get in touch with you. Or contact us for a paper application that we can give you curbside.

 Need digital resources? Go to Infosoup.org and click Digital Library at the top. This page has all sorts of things. We also highly recommend Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org) for the classics!

 Free wireless 24/7 outside our building (accessing indoor point) and wireless outdoor access point (from a grant) to provide optimal coverage. The Muehl Public Library is located at 436 N. Main Street in Seymour, WI.

Another grant has provided us with 4 brand new state of the art laptops for check out. Please contact the library if you are interested.


Call or email or RING THE DOOR BELL—we will help you. Thank you! If entering the building, a mask is required.

Help improve internet speed in your community!

Help us improve home internet speeds statewide by taking the internet speed test. The more data we can collect, the better we can model internet connection speeds across the state. Use the links below to take the speed test and to learn more about why we are collecting speed test data. Please take the test several times on different days and different times if possible. Thank you for participating!  This study ends on March 15, 2021.

A Wisconsin Scavenger Hunt from the Wisconsin Historical Society! #wisconsinhistory

Here is a Wisconsin scavenger hunt developed by the Wisconsin Historical Society and it is pretty cool!
I envision that you could keep it in your car and check things off OR as in all things virtual, perhaps you could search the Internet for the items!! Where will they show up?!


The library is proud to promote this important program!

Imagine your story photo album: one of three

One thing we have learned in pandemic times is to slow down and savor...we are happy with the participation despite the turmoil.

Imagine Your Story Summer Reading, 2020, halfway through!

Imagine your story photo album: two of three

One thing we have learned in pandemic times is to slow down and savor...we are happy with the participation despite the turmoil.

Imagine Your Story Album Two

Imagine your story photo album: three of three

One thing we have learned in pandemic times is to slow down and savor...we are happy with the participation despite the turmoil.



Imagine Your Story Album Three

We had a drawing for this summer's "mega readers" to win a castle!

Some castles were delivered to the homes of patrons on September 19, 2020. And the rest were distributed the following week. Thanks for reading for the theme:


Pinterest fans unite!

The library is excited because we love Pinterest! You can "follow us" at Muehl Public Library. Our new INFOSOUP has automatic links to Pinterest in the

records! If you have Pinterest open in a window and Infosoup open in another window you can freely pin movies and books to your boards, etc. So easy, fun and handy! Enjoy!

Local patron has created a podcast, check it out!

Kimani Jefferson, one of the library's patrons, has started his own podcast! You can listen to episodes by going HERE!

Piggie & Elephant with Elizabeth & Sue

Typically the Monday after Hamburger Days, Elizabeth and Sue perform Elephant and Piggie stories! Enjoy! (Run time: 7 mins 32 secs) MADE WITH LOVE.

Fantastic talk, you can look at an archived copy.

This series is intended to pleasantly distract, help you cope and stay engaged during these challenging times.

This ran for less than an hour. The four techniques taught are 1) drawing your breath; 2) Lake Superior stones;

3) Spirals and 4) Blind Contour

You can reach this lecture by clicking on the palette! Paint palette free icon

Online security

On June 9, Leslie and Debby attended the one hour course about online security that was hosted by UW-Connects. They came away with a list of tips that are posted here and will be stuffed into bags for curbside delivery, also. Thanks to Leslie and Debby for learning on behalf of our patrons! Online security is an important consideration for people in our society. 

Self-improvement literature, with local ties, is always heartwarming!

Joe Schmit's follow-up to SILENT IMPACT is now available for check out at your library. It is called THE IMPACT BLUEPRINT. And the subtitle is "A Step-by-Step Journey to a Life Of Significance". This book is a wonderful collection of 52 traits of successful people. You could break this down and study one trait a week (for one year) to a new you!

At the end of May, the Freedom Pursuit highlighted two books by Kris VanHandel. We have them on order and they will be available for check out soon at the library. They are both about hiking the Ice Age Trail. The books are HIKING WITH HAIR TIE and ICE AGE TRAIL THROUGH THE SEASONS.

Finally, we have a donation from Dr. Brenda Montecalvo of her book entitled VISUAL SECRETS FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS. This book is a guide to doing well at school in ways that allow more quality time for students with their families. This book needs to be added and processed but then it will be ready for check out. Thanks for your patience. Due to the pandemic,our processes have been slowed down considerably. The local tie to this book is that Dr. Brenda is the daughter of Marilyn Heinke. You may recall Marilyn who was an optometrist in Seymour for several years. She was an astute businesswoman and a supporter of all forms of education!


Coping with COVID and life

United Way Fox Valley has created this platform to help all of us: Trauma Informed Roadmap

Created in Wisconsin for this difficult time

The University of Wisconsin has been on a very fast track and developed a website and app called “COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect” within 5 weeks. I am having technical difficulties finding the app. However, I went to the website no problem. The url is https://covid.chess.wisc.edu/#/home

     On the website you can find different sections. One section is about debunking myths; one section is a calming section; one section is a resource section; one section is discussion rooms; one section is prevent & protect; and one section is “All About Covid-19”. Forthcoming, they are working on a section called COPING.

     Take care everyone.

Excellent portrait of the state of WI with daily updates

There is an overload of information about COVID-19 coming at us constantly. I like this website because it is updated daily. It also offers us a sensible and educated approach to what is happening in the state of WI. Simply put, by staying home you are helping the health of our state. Working together, we can create more positive outcomes from this pandemic. Total cases, by county, are updated each afternoon by 2 p.m. Thank you to the people, behind the scenes, who are making certain that content is relevant and timely. We appreciate your efforts.

A great website to "bookmark" if you enjoy data and/or want to see the day by day results of the COVID-19 spread in Wisconsin.

The hygiene practices may seem repetitive but it is truly both helpful and critical for everyone to follow the guidelines which I have snipped from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.