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Outagamie County is looking for people to both help and be helped

Chain (Communities Helping Adults In their Neighborhood)  Reaction Day is SATURDAY, APRIL 26.

This is a volunteer driven project to assist older persons in Outagamie County with raking.

Do you need help with spring raking? Are you over 60 or disabled? Live in Outagamie County and own your own home?

Do you have service requirements? Are you a group or individual that would like to help your community by volunteering?

To receive our services or to volunteer please contact Outagamie County Volunteer Services by FRIDAY, APRIL 4.

Contact: Penny Jane Strauss



All are welcome to this free talk!

Go Club--Get out of the house and stretch your brain!

Got the winter blahs, and TV is just too mind-numbing? Come down to the library!  Every Thursday night, from 6 to 8pm, you can learn to play Go, or find other people to play with!

Goban What is Go?

Go (also known as Baduk or Weiqi) is an ancient game of strategy invented in China, possibly as long as 4000 years ago! It is well known throughout Asia, and is played around the world and on the internet.

You can try an interactive first lesson here--

The Interactive Way to Go

The rules are simple, but you can spend a lifetime learning the strategy!

All ages are welcome!  Thanks to a grant from the American Go Foundation, we have enough boards and equipment for many players, and books to help you study and improve your game!

Youngers players may be interested in our Hikaru No Go manga and DVDs



Ripley Loves Go"Just one game," they said, and started to play -- that was yesterday. -- Chinese proverb

Gentlemen should not waste their time on trivial games -- they should study go. -- Confucius, The Analects, ca. 500 B.C.E.

While the Baroque rules of chess could only have been created by humans, the rules of go are so elegant, organic, and rigorously logical that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play go. -- Edward Lasker, chess grandmaster

What's happening with chess is that it's gradually losing its place as the par excellence of intellectual activity. Smart people in search of a challenging board game might try a game called go. -- Chess Champion Hans Berliner,